Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 1 - Becoming A Master

There has been a study that stated doing something for 10,000 hours defines that you have mastered the art or practice that that time and effort has been placed in. In terms of work hours this means that over 7 years with 40 hours a week being put into the work will add up to that 10,000 hours in which one is now a master.

Diabetes is usually a lifetime illness and a 24/7 job so with that being said we're putting in more than 40 hours a week into diabetes, and soon enough we're going to become masters of our diabetes. I personally have had type 1 for 11 years, but even with that study and with the years that I have been a diabetic I can say that I am certainly no master of diabetes yet, there is still a lot that I have to learn about diabetes, but I am still learning, I am still understanding more about the illness by the day/month/year and aim to become the master of diabetes, and not only diabetes but myself with diabetes, allowing myself to take full responsibility for diabetes and change/alter myself, habits and/or patterns to best support the body and it's health….my own health.

Within this blog I will be sharing stories about my how diabetes has offered realizations, about how it has limited me, about how I have moved through the limitations, about depression, about any and all struggles with diabetes that I have faced so that those who are going through the same struggles can learn from my mistakes and then correct the issues before they become part of a larger problem. There are things such as depression, anxiety and judgement of myself for having diabetes that I have faced and walked through that I do see that other people most likely will face, as well as physical and systematic limitations of diabetes such as being low at work or finding work that provides benefits and attending school at the same time - it can be really difficult sometimes, but diabetes is never something that should limit you, it is going to provide challenges, but those challenges are opportunities to expand yourself and push yourself past the limitations that you may have perceived that you have had. It is a very fascinating disease both biologically and how it changes the lifestyle that you must live and what/how you must consider within your daily life and even future planning.

I will also be sharing about things that I am currently walking through with diabetes, and what it is that I am developing within myself within diabetes, any struggles or issues that I am currently working with, and any realizations about diabetes or new understandings of myself within diabetes. This can also be metaphysical issues such as the relationship with myself within diabetes, like there has been a point where I have allowed myself to get annoyed with going low while I am working and needing to take time away from work even if it is a few moments, or just an overall experience of going low, which will start to send messages and create a relationship with my body and diabetes of annoyance and frustration which then creates a relationship with diabetes and thus myself, diabetes and the body are not standing in harmony but I am actually creating a struggle between the relationships existent there. This is something that I have learnt after a while of having diabetes and understanding who I am in relation to diabetes, and when corrected, meaning when I choose to not become annoyed at being low but rather stop what it is that I am doing and support the body and myself via correcting a low, the relationship will also change.

Becoming a master or ourselves within diabetes certainly isn't easy. One thing that I have noticed that we need in order to become a master is simple self awareness, being aware of what we're eating, not getting distracted with random events within our lives that may take us away from being aware that we have diabetes…there have been quite a few times where I get lost within a tv show and forget to inject insulin, that is what I mean by self awareness, aware of what we're eating when we're eating it, aware of any stressors that may exist, aware of any exercise that we will be doing throughout the day, and any emotions or feelings that we're going through within a moment because any chemical reaction within the brain that stimulates emotions or feelings can and does change the chemical processes within the rest of the body.

My goal here is to share what I have walked through within myself so that others too can learn from the mistakes that I have made during the process as I have learned as well.

This will be a fascinating journey to take on and I hope that you follow me through it.


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